Botox is one of the most widely known treatments for freeing the skin of wrinkles. As you may know, it’s also a toxin that can cause side effects. Uncomfortable side effects like allergies or rashes. Worse, there have been cases of breathing difficulty or double vision stemming from injecting this toxin. With more people being naturally and environmentally aware, it’s only logical for Botox alternatives to be sought out by an increasing segment of the population.

One of the newest alternatives to Botox injections is a recent product approved by the FDA called Jeuveau. To be priced up to 25 percent cheaper than the market leader, Jeuveau is a potential disruptor to a 3.5 billion dollar industry. Other frown-reducing alternatives exist, such as Nestle’s Dysport or Merz Pharma’s Xeomin. These products have however failed to dislodge Botox from its throne, and Jeuveau is still too new on the market to say that it’s a solid alternative. But a 25% discount on current prices is sure to reduce the frown on a lot of faces.

Speaking of frowns, there are natural alternatives to injectables. These include:

  • Frownies – patches of Kraft paper that are stuck to areas of the skin that have wrinkles, and left there while you’re puttering around your house. Or while you’re asleep. As with Botox, repeated use reduces the affected area’s muscles to contract, reducing your wrinkles even more.
  • Face Saver Ball – the Face Saver Ball is a rubber ball that you use on your face. By moving the ball across the face that needs relaxing due squinting, frowning or teeth grinding, the Face Saver Ball results in firmer and healthier skin. Claiming to work on the bone to improve its health and mass, the Face Saver Ball is intended for women over 40. It has gained a lot of adherents due to its inventor still sporting a beautiful face at the age of 60.
  • Using technology to work its wrinkle-reducing effect, the Frotox procedure involves place a liquid nitrogen-filled device on the affected area to put the nerves to sleep, in effect placing them in hibernation. Said to work for 4 months, this non-invasive treatment shows its effectiveness immediately, where a Botox injection need a few days to work.

Many alternatives to Botox for wrinkle reduction in Vancouver exist today, and treatments exist according to your needs, preference, and budget. Consult the best laser skin clinic in Vancouver for the best alternative to your needs.