There are a couple of different ways to affect change in your life, and they are through mindful meditation or with hypnosis. Meditation may not work for you and does require a daily commitment to what can a lifelong practice. You may be wondering if one works better than the other and what is involved, in the following post from our counselling Victoria BC team member we explore the differences between hypnotherapy and meditation.

Meditation does take a significant commitment and patience to have a good result and it may not be for you. The practice of mindful meditation demands time and devotion for a person to reap the benefits of stress relief and improved health. Fortunately the exists a wonderful alternative and that is by undergoing sessions of hypnosis with your therapist.  By focusing on relaxing the nervous system through hypnosis you can achieve results in as little as one session. The main difference is meditation allows your nervous system to relax deeply and is a much slower way to achieve  a positive result through a long term commitment. Hypnotherapy provides the same deep relaxation to the nervous system with the added benefit from direct suggestion by the therapist.

Positive changes are possible using either technique to help cope with stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain. Hypnosis can be quicker by focusing on the subconscious root cause of a particular issue while meditation provides practitioners with an overall sense of well being. The targeted results using hypnosis are especially beneficial to eliminate phobias, it could be public speaking or fear of flying to name a couple. For cessation of smoking, weight loss and assisting in the grief process hypnosis can achieve a good result in two or three sessions.

Either can be useful when used separately and often work well together to see positive changes. An overactive mind or monkey brain can get in the way of being able to meditate and for some hypnosis can help clear out some of the obstacles to mindful meditation. Hypnosis can be a means to learn the deep relaxation and being comfortable sitting still for long periods by focusing on these issues that may be standing in the way of practicing mindful meditation.

Whether you choose to use one or both meditation and hypnotherapy a Victoria BC counsellor therapist can help you make those changes you’re looking for.