Usually when I have to get repairs done for my home, I have to get them done in pairs. One thing just never breaks on its own. It always has to break with something else. When my car stopped working, I also had to get a new stove. When my microwave stopped working, I also had to get a new clock. This time, it was my air conditioner and my television. I didn’t expect either to stop working, but they did, and I had to get an AC repair in Queens, and I had to get a new television, because it would have been too much money and trouble to pay someone to fix the television.

I wasn’t necessarily bothered by the air conditioner breaking, because it was an old system and I was long overdue to get some repairs done to it to make it more energy efficient. The television on the other hand, I was really sad about television, because I just bought it last year. I thought the television would at least work for three to four years before breaking, but this thing didn’t even last that long. It wasn’t some cheap television from a brand that no one has ever heard of before. It was a well known brand that makes good televisions, but I guess this one was one of the bad ones.

The repair company that I was able to find from searching around was able to make some fixes to the air conditioner, so now it works again and it puts out cold air much faster and with less power. As for the television, I decided to get another one from a different manufacturer. If this new one breaks in a short time, then maybe I’ll have to look for another store when I shop for televisions.